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Is this just an ordinary 4 door B13?...

At first glance you would not be able to tell...

POW! VVL motor... Steven sent his car to us to get it finished up and running smoothly. He will be getting a bunch of neat stuff. Keep watching to see what happens next.

Steven got some 15'' Momo Winter Pro S wheels wrapped in some 205/50/15 Nitto Neo Gen's.

Mmm mmm good.

Here are Steven's Ksports installed on the front of his car.

And here are his Se-R front brakes too.

Here is the rear before we install the Ksports and rear Se-R brakes.

Rear Ksports and rear Se-R brakes.

You're not going to want to run up on this kitten at night.

Steven's headers...

Brand new B13 battery tray.

Steven's exhaust is going on.

Lining the piping up just right.

Steven wanted a dual tip muffler with great sound.

Muffler is getting ready to be welded to the exhaust.

Muffler is welded on this bad boy.

Looks good with the new exhaust and wheels...

It runs...

Steven's car on the dyno.

The VVL kicks in at 5K.

163 HP and 134 Torque

Steven picking up his car

Steven's on his way back to Texas