350Z & G35 Suspension

Energy Suspension '02-'09 Nissan 350Z / '03-'07 G35 Hyper-Flex Master Bushing Set - $379

Megan Racing rear toe control arms (bucket deleters) for 350z and G35 - $169 a pair

Ichiba 5 lug Wheel Spacers 25mm, bolts onto hub, then wheel bolts onto spacer - $115

Megan racing G35 & 350z rear camber arms - $120

Ksport Kontrol Pro- Ksports entry level coilover, still features 36 levels of dampening. Perfect coilover for budget minded enthusiasts - $925

Ksports Version RR- Setup specifically for track oriented drivers. Has all the features of Ksports Kontrol pro but has a better rebound and compression - $1145

Stance LX+ coilover set, 15 levels of dampening and uses a factory type rear spring - $1120

350z and G35 Ksport lowering springs - $120

Top Speed 350z and G35 adjustable rear camber adjustment arms - $99

Top Speed Front Adjustable camber arms for G35 and 350z - $269

Greddy Coilovers by KW Performance for 350z and G35 2 door and 4 door (RWD only)
JGY price - $1299

Here is the description straight from Greddy:

High Performance Collaboration

Building on the success of our Formula Drift racing program with technical partner, KW Suspension, GReddy is pleased to announce the introduction of our new performance coilover line. By collaborating with renowned suspension manufacturer, KW, GReddy can offer high-quality, tuned systems at an affordable price to enthusiasts. GReddy Performance Coil-overs by KW Suspension combine the best from around world for your Japanese import vehicle. Designed for the optimum balance of traction, comfort, and adjust-ability for American roads and tracks, these groundbreaking systems incorporate years of Japanese tuning knowledge with highest-quality German innovation and construction standards. All systems are manufactured exclusively in KW's state of the art factories. The combination of KW's latest advanced low friction, pressure-resistant twin-tube damping technology, with unique GReddy specifications for damping and linear spring rates provide the ultimate in quality, performance and durability.

Fits 2003-2009 Nissan 350Z (Z33)

Spring Rate: (Linear Front)
• Front: 6.0 K
• Rear: Progressive (shape)

Adjustment Range:
• Front: 20-40mm
• Rear: 20-40mm

• Externally Adjustable Damping
• Adjustable Aluminum Spherical Bearing Upper Mount
• Low Profile Helper Spring Set-up
• Hardened Chromed Piston Rod
• Low Friction Twin-Tube Dampening
• Compression Bumpstop with Integrated Dust Boot
• Height Strength Race Spring
• Corrosion-resistant Composite Spring Seats
• Galvanized Strut with Continuous Threads

Includes all necessary components, adjustment tool and installation instructions

5 Lug spacers - $6 each
¼ inch thick, great

Ksport Slide Kontrol- This coilover is the perfect coilover for drifting, It has heavy duty internals to handle the abuse applied while drifting and has an extra helper spring in the rear - $1115

Stance's 350z & G35 rear spring bucket replacement arm for adjusting toe to the extreme - $235

Stance GR+ (now Super Sports) coilover set, 15 way adjustable with inverted monotube design shocks. - $1099

Stance GR+Pro (now Super Sports+) coilover set, similar design to the GR+ but more track oriented with an additional helper spring - $1199

Top Speed rear toe control/radius arms for 350z and G35 (shown from right side of car), ideal for cars lowered with springs or coilovers down 2 inches or less - $129

Ichiba 350z and G35 Front Camber Arms, a must when you lower your car - $299